Georges Restaurant Siem  Reap.

Inspired by Georges’ multicultural background. The flavors of his home on Reunion Island combine with French and Asian influences create new twists on classic dishes.
We believe a passion for food and excellence in customer service are key to the happiness of our guests.

Georges Restaurant Siem Reap FrencGeorges Restaurant Siem Reap - Gastronomic Dining Experienceh Cuisine Restaurants Siem ReapOur famous pork sausages are a favorite in homes on La Reunion and Madagascar. We craft ours using an old family recipe. Georges spices things up with a unique mix of flavors from Cambodia and La Reunion. To create an amazing fusion experience. The home-made meat-free sausages, tofu and gratins make us a favorite vegetarian restaurant.

A dozen different rums are distilled and infused on site, before being aged to perfection.

Georges’ kitchen is hard at work every day. Crafting infused rum, jams, chilies, chutneys, sausages and tofu. We use only fresh natural ingredients in both our food and our rums.


Our Social Responsibility

Our passion on food doesn’t stop there.There are various sports and and activities that we sponsor In Siem Reap.Our goal is to share and always spread the love of proper nutrition.

Reducing plastic throughout our supply chain is our main goal. The straws and napkins are all biodegradable. Our labels and others packaging are made with 100% recyclable materials.