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Georges French Restaurant Siem Reap

Dining at Georges French restaurant in Siem Reap is a unique experience. The flavors of La Reunion Island combine with French and Asian influences create new twists on classic dishes. We believe a passion for food and excellence in customer service are key to the happiness of our guests. Georges French restaurant in Siem Reap is busy daily preparing fresh dishes. All made from 100% natural ingredients and flavored with the spices of Cambodia,Japan and La Reunion Islands.

Georges restaurant in Siem Reap has two dining settings. Air-conditioned room gives a relaxing dining experience. The garden setting is good for romantic dinner and group dining.

Our creole sausages are one of the famous dishes served daily and all made with locally sourced ingredients. Spiced and smoked to perfection.

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Georges Rhumerie – A traditional French rhum dGeorges French Restaurant Siem Reapistillery
Georges Rhumerie is the first and only rhum distillery in Siem Reap. Rhum has a long history in South East Asia over many thousands of years. It is the original form of what we now call rum. To date, there are 12 flavors of rums which are infused with 100% natural and organic ingredients.
Try a free sample of our signature flavor coco rum, or book our rum tasting experience. Enjoy and welcome to Georges!