Our delicious French cuisine with a unique Creole twist is a highlight of any culinary trip to Siem Reap city. Friendly, English speaking staff are trained to the highest standards to deliver the finest dining experience in Temple Town.

Each month we highlight one of our signature French dishes to share with customers the passion and craft that goes into every plate.

Georges Rhumerie presents one of our favourite home made dishes – Saucisse Puree, the French classic of pork sausages served with creamy mashed potatoes and fresh salad.

Georges Restaurant Siem Reap – Saucisse Puree

Based on the traditional Creole recipe, Georges spices things up with a unique mix of flavours from Cambodia and La Reunion to create an amazing fusion experience. Using only high quality lean pork and no added fat produces a sausage with a depth of flavour unmatched in Siem Reap.

Once prepared, they are smoked to further enhance the delicate blend of spices and pork. The final product is a testament to our passion and commitment to excellence in French cuisine. The puree is French style mashed potato, a deliciously creamy and rich combination of potato, fresh cream and herbs that retains a lightness of texture. Served with a freshly prepared dressed salad, achards (specialty Creole pickles) and a selection of home made chutney to perfectly complement the saucisse puree.

Combine your meal of saucisse puree with our FREE rum tasting experience. As the only distillery in Siem Reap, we embrace our La Reunion heritage as distillers of fine rum. Our mission is to combine centuries of knowledge from home with the influence and flavours of the Kingdom of Wonder. We produce a dozen infused rums that will delight and surprise your palate – from a light fruity mango or passion fruit to more complex blends such as special vanilla with orange, cloves, anise, and lemon grass. A unique experience not to be missed.

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