Origin french restaurant siem reap – Georges Unique Dining Experience

Georges hails from the islands of La Reunion. An old french colony. The origin of his french restaurant in Siem Reap starts with his passion on food and excellent customers service. Georges restaurant in Siem Reap serves the famous creole sausages.

Origin french restaurant siem reap - Georges Unique Dining ExperienceWhat makes your dinner unique at this french restaurant in Siem Reap? It is the dining experience itself. Cambodia is abundant with spices. Almost all the dishes have the spices of Cambodia, Japan and La Reunion islands. Dine at Georges, you will get to try these amazing spices and also the famous creole sausages.

Georges makes rums made from 100% natural ingredients. His french restaurant in Siem Reap greets every guest with a free  shot of rum. There are 12 flavors of rums in display for guests to try and cocktails are available at the bar.

The famous creole sausages.

Georges kitchen is busy daily making fresh sausages. Guests can have the option to choose between the 3 flavors of sausages. The most unique dish is the BOUDIN PURÉE ( Pork blood sausages). Vegetarians can have the VEGAN SAUSSICE PURÉE. This is made of beans and is served with mashed potatoes or salad.

The third flavor is the SAUCISSE and BACON PURÉE. A homemade pork sausage with French mashed potato. This is a special dish because of how it was smoked and spiced to perfection. No MSG, no chemicals added and are made with top quality ingredients that can be found in the market.

Rum Jam Chilli Chutney

Cambodia is abundant with fresh fruits and spices. Georges has been very passionate on crafting rums and jams at his own backyard. He makes the jams from locally sourced suppliers to help the community. His rums infused with the flavors of this home island and his new home – Siem Reap.  Read more about Georges

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