Georges French Restaurant Siem Reap

French Restaurant SiemReap Georges
French – Khmer hospitality.

Starting from the smiles of the highly trained staff, we present every dish with a heart felt way. To reflect the passion and culture of our chefs.

French Restaurant SiemReap Georges
French – Khmer Traditions

Fusion of these two cultures shown at a restaurant located at the heart of Siem Reap. Georges boasts its kitchen as a narration of multi-culture cuisines and passion for food and excellence.

French Restaurant SiemReap Georges

Georges’ Social Responsibility

Georges french restaurant in Siem Reap is a social enterprise. We train our staff to be socially responsible and to care for the environment. Our restaurant in Siem Reap minimize hazardous environmental impacts by reducing plastic waste consumption in its supply chain. We do not use plastic straws and we recycle.

Every months, the staff and Georges’ family volunteer to the Siem Reap Pagoda Cats. It is  local shelter that helps stray and abandoned animals. The Georges’ team launches campaigns weekly to help raise awareness of animal welfare.

Small steps that we hope will lead to big steps. We care, we share, we love.