Best restaurant siemreap cambodia french Georges Restaurant siem reapHomemade Tofu & our famous sausage come together with a spicy kick.

Inspired by China, Creole Mapo Tofu is fusion at its best with Georges.
Homemade silky tofu and our famous sausages combine in a spicy Creole sauce packed with flavour. Also available with Shimejo and Enoki mushrooms for when you want to avoid the meat, but not the heat!

Don’t forget our tofu is available from the store, as part of our range of delicious, locally sourced, produce. Pop in for a browse or book a tasting session online today!

What our customers say:

A genuine gastronomic evening

We had eaten at Georges Rhumerie on a previous visit and had been impressed by the quality of the food, which was fresh, with a surprisingly original taste and remarkably inexpensive. So, on our return we made a beeline for the restaurant to check if our memories had deceived us. They had not. The food was just as delicious and eclectic as ever. The Foie Gras starter was good. However, it is the main courses available only in the evenings that stand out as exceptional. There is a Poulet Coco, chicken legs in tomato and coconut cream sauce, which managed to be both pleasantly, but not overbearingly, spicy, delicate and extraordinarily full of flavour. Georges Rhumerie prides itself on its sausages. So, on a subsequent evening we tried their Rougaille Saucisse, pork sausages cooked in what they call a ‘Creole Sauce’. Whatever it was, it was quite delicious with the same remarkable mixture of qualities as the Poulet Coco.

Book now and try Asian French Fusion 

On a third and final visit, we tried the Romazava, a beef and pork stew, which was good, but we did not find it as mind-blowing as the two previous main courses. Put simply, if you are a gastronome, it is worth coming to Siem Reap just to eat a couple of times at Georges Rhumerie. By the way, as you might expect, the rums, which give the restaurant its name, are exceptional too

A restaurant you should visit when in Siem Reap!

It’s a really special restaurant in Siem Reap with french creol cuisine. Home made sausages and their own bacon. While you wait for your dinner they serve you their own rhum. Yum! Both food and rhum are delicious. We actually ate here two days in a row. Very pleased with both food and the service.
You can bring home some home made rhum with different flavors too. Cinnamon, ginger and french fusion to mention some.

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