Homemade tofu, organic salad & Ponzu dressing. best dinner siem reap


A must visit 

This restaurant has got to be to me any way the best restaurant in siem reap. The atmosphere is fantastic the service second to none . The food I had an electric dish people say that food should make you feel good. Well this dish does exactly that your mouth really does feel electric I’m not joking! I have never experienced food like this amazing if you go there you must try this dish.

One of the best restaurant I have visited in Cambodia!
We went to try the homemade vegan sausages after reading reviews on TripAdvisor. Desperate for something other than the usual vegetarian offerings, Georges hit the spot perfectly. The vegan starter was delicious, with a spicy dip that was not too hot and delicately flavored.
Best restaurants in siem reap cambodia – French Restaurant
The sausages were served with French style mashed potatoes and salad along with many home made chili sauces and chutneys. The waitress explained all the condiments, and told us they were home made too. The owner and chef himself served our dinners, and told us some more about the restaurant and his passion for food.
A great story, and a great restaurant serving outstanding food. The craft touch reaches into the drinks as well, with their own signatures rums and cocktails. Loved the rum so much we took home a few bottles, the cinnamon one will go well with Christmas I think.

When we went here the staff were smiling and are very friendly. I love the chutneys that they give away. The chili made the dinner fun.. we thought it was very chili but it was actually mild so it goes with the fish I had. It’s nice. I had the fish because it looks like it was the best in the menu. We did not have dessert thou. Sadly we had a plane to catch. Food was cheap but still top notch quality. This is the best restaurant I went on our 3 days exploring the temples and suburbs of Siem Reap


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