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Fish filet cooked with French whole grain mustard, Garlic, Long chili. 


Filet de poisson cuisiné avec des graines de moutarde entières.

What our customers say:

The Angkor Wat among restaurants

I ordered the home made pork sausages which tasted heavenly and my son chose chicken which he happily polished. As much as the freshness. The uniqueness of the taste it is the passion with which Mr Sebastian delivers the food which enthralls us. On most occasions either Mr Sebastian or his father Mr Geoge personally delivers the food and then he explains about. What goes into it and why it is gonna taste wow and that takes care of 75% of your satisfaction. What is more the food also tastes wow. I have not met such a passionate chef and getting food delivered by him is an experience on its own.

So if there is one place which would be worth visiting after those amazing temples it would be Georges.

After my main course i was still hungry and wanted to order another dish. But by then the restaurant was packed and the lady taking the order checked with the kitchen said it would take another 20 min.  Hearing that I decided to skip it and hit the dessert. Mr Sebastian rushed to our side and said that he has arranged the food to be served in 5 min if i still wanted the main course. I ordered the dessert but there was a mix up and he served me a different dish.

But the way he described the dish when he served it to me made me really want to taste his creation and by God it was heavenly. I  was glad that they made the mistake. But then he realized the mistake and he came back and said he would get me the dessert that I originally ordered and the one he gave me was complimentary. I told him that I was lucky to have his creation but I didn’t have space for anymore and I definitely would pay for it. But, they would not accept my payment.

So if there is one place which would be worth visiting after those amazing temples it would be Georges. The father son duo and their dedicated staff will amaze you by their hospitality as well as delight your taste buds. Their logo “passion unites us ” defines the place. My son still talks about their banana flambee and its been over two weeks since we visited. And the best thing about it is that it is not overly expensive. And if you drink dont miss this delightful place.

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  • customer review Posted February 5, 2018 10:47 pm

    The man can cook!

    We had dinner at Georges’. We had La Créole as a starter, followed by the Saucisse Purée and Vindail Fish. We ended the meal with the Caramel Samoussas. The food was served by George himself. The flavour and taste of every dish was perfectly balanced. The range of chillies and chutneys lifted the dishes to another level. I suspect that these are not the most complicated dishes to prepare but they were just done so well that they were utterly enjoyable. I might add that I was actually coming down with food poisoning at that time (nothing to do with Georges’ – misadventures of a previous meal eaten elsewhere that day). This would normally be a situation where you would not have much appetite. The food at Georges’ was so good that I soon forgot all about my stomach pains and ordered dessert instead

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