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Our first visit to Cambodia and we were looking forward to trying out all the different food, from restaurants to street food. The choice was huge and we had some great meals, but Georges was both unique and our top choice.
We were not familiar with Creole food apart from the US style but this was very different and truly delicious. Owned and run by a family from Madagascar, we had a chat with the chef who explained the unique fusion of Creole and Asian food that makes the menu so special. The chef actually visited every table to check every thing was perfect for the customers, which shows a real passion and attention to detail. All that really pays off in the food, from the starters all the way to dessert.
The selection plate of amuse bouche was gorgeous, as was the home made pate. Our mains were a varied selection – chicken, fish and a sort of stew that was listed as “Electric Soup” and they were all divine – unique spices, perfectly cooked meat, and in the case of the soup a surprise twist that really has to be tried and can not be explained! Even dessert was full of little touches that really made the meal, including flambéing bananas at your table.;
restaurant siem reap cambodia banana flambee french cuisine

What also makes the restaurant unique is that it distills its own rum. Then creates a dozen different flavored versions. They were great on their own, with flavours like passion fruit, mango and cinnamon. They also serve a range of cocktails based on the rums. Truly one of a kind drinks, since only they make the main ingredients! The rums are also sold in the little shop at the back of the restaurant, along with jams, chutneys, chili and other home made produce.

A really unique restaurant that stood out among the crowd and was a highlight of our visit.


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  • customer Posted February 5, 2018 10:24 pm

    I heard about Georges rhumerie from a friend.
    I wanted to try creole food in Cambodia, as I am from Reunion Island.
    While I was checking the address on trip advisor, I saw this restaurant is number 1. So it was on high priority on my todo list.
    I ordered the set of appetisers, rougail saucisses and bananes flambées.
    All very yummy!

    Oh, also the choice of infused rhum is worth the visit.
    I wish I would stay longer in Siem Reap to try all.
    Better to book in advance, the restaurant was full when I was there.

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